Picket Fencing in the front garden?

Picket Fencing in the front garden?

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Picket Fencing in the front garden is as popular as ever

A white picket fence in the fron garden is a very american image, you can't help but picture a big, american house with a nice picket fence around the front "yard". Well, picket fencing is just as popular across the pond here in blighty, and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon.


White Picket Fencing


So, what's so good about picket fencing?

Picket fencing is a popular option for front garden fencing because it offers a layer of security to your garden whilst maintaining an asthetically pleasing image. 


The first any potential homebuyer will see when visiting a home is the front of the house, adding a professionally fitted picket fence will help give the first impression your home deserves. We have a range of fence panels available for your front garden and picket fencing is always one of the most popular.


Picket fencing can be installed in two different ways,using picket panels or the more traditional method, constructing a picket fence on-site. Constructing a picket fence on-site if the preferred way for most fencing contractors and homeowners alike, because you have more flexability on the positioning of the fence posts which gives you the ability to space the fence posts at evenly spaced intervals.


Is Picket Fencing Cost Effective?

Even though picket fencing is one of the most popular garden fence options, it remains one of the most cost effective and value for money options. Our picket fencing range comes fully pressure treated, so thats one less thing to think of, too.




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