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Installing Fencing for Over 20 Years

East Coast Fencing is a family run company based in Clacton-On-Sea.

Established over twenty years ago, we have grown to become the leading name for domestic fencing in Clacton, Colchester & Ipswich.

High Quality Garden Fencing Supplies

We are manufacturers & installer of quality garden fencing supplying fence panels throughout East Anglia for nearly twenty years.

Garden Fencing Supplies Debden

East Coast Fencing are a leading supplier of high quality fences in Debden, we delivery our fencing materials throughout Debden on a daily basis.

Quality Closeboard Fence Panels Debden

We specialise in traditional timber fence panels and manufacturer our own closeboard fence panels.

Finding a supplier who could provide consistently high quality closeboard fence panels an competitive prices, whilst keeping up with the demand of our ever growing company was proving impossible. This prompted us to start manufacturer our own closeboard fence panels

Since then, we have been able to reduce the cost of our closeboard fence panels, cut down delivery times, increase our range, all whilst increasing the quality!

Different types of Fence Panels in Debden

Although we manufacture our closeboard fence panels, and they are the most popular panels we offer, we have several different types of garden fence panels on offer in a range of sizes, styles and shapes. We keep stock of all of the fence panels below

Closeboard Fence Panels

As above, closeboard fence panels are the most popular fence panel we offer, they're traditional, strong, durable, pressure treated and have a long lifespan

Because we manufacture our closeboard panels, we're able to keep quality consistently high. Any timber that doesn't meet our standards is rejected and used for our economy fence panels.

Waney Edge Fence Panels

Waney edge fence panels come second in popularity throughout Debden when it comes to wooden fence panels. Although not the most popular or the strongest, we keep good stock of waney fence panels predominantly for customers looking to replace the odd panel or two after strong winds.

Picket Fence Panels

Picket fence panels are still a popular option with residents of Debden, mainly used as a front fence or section off a portion of your back garden, picket fence panels create a clear boundary without being too overbearing.

Continental / Contemporary Fence Panels

Continental / Contemporary Fence Panels are becoming increasingly popular in Debden. Although more costly, they do offer a touch of style that many other fence panels are unable to offer.

This style of fence panel is pressure treated. Because of the cost if this fence panel, we don't keep high levels of stock.

Who is East Coast Fencing

East Coast Fencing is a trading name of Allder Investments Limited, Operating several brands throughout Debden and indeed the whole of Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge & Hertfordshire.

These Brands include East Coast Fencing, Clacton Fencing, Garden Fencing Supplies UK (GFSUK), Fence Direct and

Garden fencing is our passion, we have over twenty years in the garden fencing industry, many of those whilst operating in Debden.

We remain a family owned and family ran company, with the same initial principles and values we started with over twenty ago.

Our leading brand, East Coast Fencing, has been the name in garden fencing throughout Debden for over a decade. Over time branching out into the supplies side of the garden fencing industry, we're now also one of the leading fencing supplies in Debden

Garden Fencing Supplies Debden with Free Delivery

East Coast Fencing keep large stock of garden fence panels, fencing posts and fence gravel boards plus many other products required for garden fencing, from postmix to fencing tools.

Based in Clacton-On-Sea, we are able to deliver our fencing products throughout the whole of Essex & Suffolk

Deliveries are carried our using our own fleet of vehicles. Free economy delivery is available on orders over £99.

The Differences Between Closeboard Fence Panels in Debden

Many people in Debden are of the belief that a fence panel is just a fence panel, and to a certain extent, they're right.

Fence Panels do however come in all manner of qualities and prices, and the price doesn't correlate with the quality.

We understand that replacing your garden fencing is a large outgoing, and not a decision you should take lightly. There are several indicators you should look for before your purchase, and we've put together a comprehensive list of questions you should know the answers to before you take the plunge.

Don't Buy Fence Panels Unless You Know The Answers to These Questions

Are these fence panels pressure treated?

Pressure treated fence panels don't look all that different to regular dip treated fence panels, but the difference in lifespan is huge! If you want your fence panels to last, choose pressure treated fence panels.

How thick are the backrails on closeboard panels?

Many companies, especially online, sacrifice quality to increase profit. This ultimately decreases the lifespan of your new fence!

Our closeboard fence panels use 75mm x 32mm backing rails, the number of back rails on each panel is determined by the height of the fence panel, ranging from two rails on our 2ft closeboard fence panels, to five back rails on our 7ft closeboard fence panels - we believe these are the strongest fence panels in Debden

Can i come and see the fence panels?

You can't beat seeing the quality of something with your own eyes. We welcome any and all of our website visitors from Debden to visit our yard in Clacton-On-Sea. Visit us at Ewdens Yard, Holland Road, Little Clacton, CO16 9QH.

We're confident you won't find better quality elsewhere

Our square top closeboard fence panels are made using 75mm x 32mm backing rails, EX 22MM feather edge boards and always topped with weather capping! Pressure treated as standard with delivery available to Debden normally within 7 working days.

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