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Fence Posts, Gravel Boards & Garden Fencing Clacton, Essex

East Coast Fencing are one of the areas largest stockists of a wide range of high-quality fencing and gates. We regularly have a few thousand fencing products in stock ready for immediate delivery.

What fencing materials do we recommend?

Closeboard Fence Panels are Clacton's fence panel of choice for most, they’re strong, durable and renowned for longevity. Concrete Fence Posts are the go to fence post in the trade, they provide long life, zero maintenance and great strength. Concrete Gravel Boards are the best option for giving your new fence panels the longest life possibly, they keep your fence panels off the ground and because they’re concrete, they won’t rot.

Wooden & Concrete Fence Posts in Clacton

Concrete Fence Posts are the strongest posts to support your fencing, however we know concrete isn’t for everyone. Lots of our clients feel that timber or wooden fence posts provide a more natural look. East Coast Fencing stock thousands of fence posts both concrete and wooden in varying sizes from 5’ to 10’.

Concrete and wooden Gravel Boards in Clacton

Similar to fence posts, gravel boards are available in either concrete or wooden styles. Concrete gravel board provide the most protection for your fencing, but timber alternatives are also available which are suitable for your garden gates in Clacton.

Gravel boards are available in concrete or a timber alternative.

Garden Gates and Driveway Gates in Clacton

East Coast Fencing manufacture our tongue and groove gates in-house using joinery graded softwood. Industry standard for tongue and groove gates is 12 mm finish, true to our nature of quality, our tongue and groove is 20 mm finish and we use 100 mm x 38 mm bracing.

Our high quality garden / driveway gates can be ordered online in standard sizes, but we’re happy to accommodate exact size requirements, just give our head office a call on 01255 222354 and tell us the size you require. Bespoke gates need to be paid for before our carpenters start work on your new gate(s). 

Our gates can be found throughout Clacton and surrounding areas, if you’d like a price to install a new side gate or pair of driveway gates, get in touch.

Fencing Contractor in Clacton

East Coast Fencing is a family run business and was established nearly 25 years ago with a vision of supplying and installing consistently high-quality fencing & gates. Although we're not based in Clacton, we slowly became one of the most popular domestic fencing contractors locally and continuously expanded year on year.

High Quality Fencing Supplies Clacton

Your new fencing will be delivered by our own fleet of sign written vehicles, usually with a two hour time slot.

We need an adult to accept and sign for your delivery. Please remember that all of our deliveries will be placed on your driveway / kerbside. Our delivery drivers are not permitted to deliver to your back garden.

What makes garden fencing last?

Backing rails are the most important part of a closeboard fence panel. Back rails are like the back bone of your fence panels so they need to be thick and strong.

Many online only fencing suppliers sell fencing or garden gates with thinner back rails because it reduces their stock price.

The back rails on our closeboard fence panels are almost 3” x 2”. They’re pressure treated and they will stand the test of time.

Perhaps the most important part of our closeboard fence panels is that they're all pressure treated. Each and every piece of timber has been placed into a pressure chamber and had preservative forced deep into the timbers before being assembled. A pressure treated fence panel will last longer than a dip-treated fence panel.


Our Fence Panels

The closed board fence panel is our flagship product; they're the most popular style of fence panel in the UK, and whether you call them a closeboard fence panel, feather edge fence panel or a feather board panel, they are essentially the same product.


Feather edge boards are fixed to backing rails to make a fence panel, and a fence panel is a fence panel, right? Wrong! Quality varies vastly amongst fence panels, and in an effort to imitate value, some of our competitors sacrifice quality for the price; Now this is great if you're replacing a few fence panels quickly before you sell a house, but whilst often dip treated, the lack of longevity soon shows.


Our closeboard fence panel is manufactured using 75mm x 32mm backing rails - these are some of the thickest backing rails used commercially for fence panels. They have 19 feather edge boards with over 1-inch overlap between boards and are topped with weather capping. All of our closeboard panels are pressure treated, not dip treated. This means the preservative has been pressured deep into the timber rather than sitting on the surface.


Our Concrete Fencing Products

Concrete Fence Posts have, over the last ten years or so become the fence post of choice for the people of Great Britain.


Rising timber costs and the ever-improving quality increase in concrete fence posts have seen their popularity increase. Available as an intermediate concrete fence post, corner concrete fence post, three-way or T concrete fence post & an end concrete fence post, they just as versatile as they're timber alternative unlike they're timber rival, you can expect a concrete fence post to last for more than twenty years - without any maintenance.


Compared to a timber fence post, which without treatment, could start to rot within a couple of years. Our concrete fence posts have a smooth finish, and are not the breezeblock type posts; they're wetcast, steel reinforced high-quality fence posts.


Not Forgetting Concrete Gravel Boards

Much like concrete fence posts, concrete gravel boards have a timber alternative.


The sole purpose of a gravel board is to keep your timber fence panel off of the damp ground below it. Although a timber gravel board would prolong the life of your fence panel - a timber gravel board itself would start to rot, which is why we recommend concrete gravel boards.


Concrete gravel boards are available in four different styles and/or sizes at Garden Fencing Supplies UK. Our twelve inch (1FT) gravel boards come as smooth, recessed or rock faced. Our six-inch gravel boards are only available in a smooth finish. Our concrete gravel boards have a smooth finish, and are not the breezeblock type gravel boards; they're wetcast, steel reinforced high-quality gravel boards.


Supplying East Anglia.

As one of East Anglia's largest fencing suppliers, we are committed to delivering the highest quality fence panels, concrete fence posts & concrete gravel boards.


As our name suggests, East Coast Fencing offer a wide range of high-quality fencing supplies, we're always happy to work with anyone who needs our specialist knowledge - we regularly work with seasoned fencers, landscapers & landlords to the homeowners who are looking to install their first fence.


Our friendly live chat staff can assist you with any questions, advice or to help you place an order online between 7:30AM & 9PM. We're happy to advise of the benefits of different styles of fencing products and install your new fence for you.


Ready for immediate delivery are our popular Closeboard Fence Panels, Concrete Fence Posts, Concrete Gravel Boards and Postmix, our gates are made to order and normally have a turnaround of approximately three working days. The modern age we are in means you no longer need to wander to your local DIY stores looking for the best deal, All of our prices are online 24/7, offering unbeaten value, great customer service and fast delivery, we've got everything you need.


East Coast Fencing stock a huge range of fencing supplies ready for immediate dispatch, you'll be spoilt for choice with our range of high-quality fencing supplies manufactured from some of the leading brands in the garden fencing industry. We stock a vast range of fencing materials including Fence Panels. East Coast Fecning have been supplying fencing for nearly 20 years and developed an unbeaten reputation for supplying only the highest-quality fencing products as well as first-class customer service. We can supply you with a wide range of garden fencing delivered to most addresses in Essex & Suffolk


At East Coast Fencing, we try our hardest to supply an extensive range of fencing materials. No matter what your garden fencing project, you'll find the ideal panels, gates and posts at eastcoastfencing.co.uk.


We also offer all the accessories you need, from brackets and drivers to gravel boards and post caps, to make your fencing a success. Our cheap garden fence panel range combines high quality with low prices.


Different styes of fence panels include Lap panels, closeboard panels and feather edge panels, they're all traditional fencing panels that have been tried and tested over the years as reliable, robust fencing for gardens and other outdoor spaces.


Becoming increasingly popular because of their sleek lines and decorative design, our contemporary fence panels are perfect for adding modern style to your garden or outdoor space.


Pressure Treated Panels benefit from having the treatment forced deep into the timber, protecting them from within. This removes the need for annual treatment, saving you time and money.