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Gravel Boards


Concrete Gravel Boards

Concrete Gravel Boards

High quality steel reinforced concrete, our concrete is wet cast and provides a smooth finish.

Timber Gravel Boards

Concrete Gravel Boards

Traditional timber gravel boards for use at the base of fencing, protects fence panels against water ingress.

Concrete and Wooden Gravel Boards

Why use a gravel board?

Without the use of a fence gravel board, moisture from the ground could reach your wooden fence panels, the likelihood is that eventually the moisture from the ground will penetrate the surface of your fence panels and seep into the core of the timber. Over a prolonged period of time moisture will cause rot and decay, shortening the life of your fencing.


Rot is the number one cause of needing to replace fencing, and replacing your entire length of fencing can be costly and time consuming.


East Coast Fencing stock gravel boards in two materials, wooden and concrete. Each material has its own benefits including gaining extra height but ultimately deciding which gravel board to use is down to personal taste.


Concrete Gravel Boards

Our 12" concrete recessed gravel board is not only our most popular gravel boards, its our most popular fencigg supplies product on our entire website. Simplicity combined with quality and longivity are some of the reasons the 12" Recessed Gravel Board is as popular as it is, but we also have other styles, such as solid and rock face varients.


Concrete Gravel Boards are more expensive than the softwood alternative, however, they are resilient against rotting and decay meaning that they will last longer. Concrete is also heavier than wood, meaning that it can be more difficult to move into position.


Wooden Gravel Boards

Mainly used in tradition feather edge runs or picket fencing, this range is a natural alternative to concrete kick boards. 


Softwood kick boards are a cost-effective option that many people opt for as they look attractive and generally match the fencing. The downside of purchasing softwood ones is that the timber is likely to decay quicker, however, our wooden gravel boards are pressure treated so their lifespan is extended.




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