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Fence Panels


Ultra Heavy Duty Closeboard


Ultra Heavy Duty Closeboard Panels are our most popular style of fence, with more 75x32mm backing rails than our other types of closeboard panel in our range.

Heavy Duty Closeboard


Our Heavy Duty Closeboard Panels are hand manufactured using traditional methods using 75x32mm backing rails. Closeboard fences are strong and long lasting.

Budget Closeboard


Our budget closeboard fence panels hand-made using the same thickness timbers as our other closeboard ranges. Timber in our budget range may be slightly mis-coloured.

Waney Edge Fence Panels


Waney edge fencing is a cheaper alternative to closeboard fences, they are supplied dip treated brown

Continental Fence Panels


Stylish & Elegant whilst adding a touch of class. Our continental fence panels are perfect for boundaries that are shared

Picket Fence Panels


Picket fence panels are stylish and traditional. Allowing light to pass through to help plants grow, whilst still keeping children and pets secure

Dome Top Closeboard


The same trusted quality as our regular closeboard fence panels, featuring a decorative dome top

Scallop Top Closeboard


The same trusted quality as our regular closeboard fence panels, featuring a decorative scallop top

Trellis Panels


Many varieties of garden trellis, including diamond lattice trellis, traditional square trellis & traditional dome top trellis.

Fence Panels

High quality pressure treated fencing manufactured in Britain

East Coast Fencing have been supplying a large selection of fences throughout Essex & Suffolk for nearly twenty years. Quality is at the core of our company, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our products and services.

We started our as an installation fencing contractor buying from local suppliers where possible, after years of inconsistent quality we decided to start manufacturing our own fencing. We still install thousands of new fences every year, but now using our own premium quality materials.

We've grown to be a leading fencing supplier locally and have expanded year on year.

This strive for the best quality is what created the strongest pressure treated fences locally. Our Ultra Heavy Duty fences are available in 6ft x 3ft, 6ft x 4ft, 6ft x 5ft or 6ft x 6ft fence panels to suit. If you would like to order in a size not listed on our website just give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Although the UHD closeboard fences are some of our most popular products, we actually offer three different types of closeboard fence. We've got the Ultra Heavy Duty as mentioned above plus the Standard Heavy Duty Closeboard and Budget Heavy Duty Closeboard.

Understanding the difference between our closeboard pressure treated fences will give you a more informed decision on which timber fence will suit your needs best.

Ultra Heavy Duty Closeboard Garden Fence Panels

Our UHD Panels really are the most strong garden fences we've ever found, depending on size you'll have up to five backing rails on the back of each panel.

The timber selection in this range is very strict, we only use timbers that are a beautifully uniform golden brown and try to minimize the use of timber with too many knots, too.

6ft x 3ft and 6ft x 4ft panels have four backing rails, 6ft x 5ft have four backing rails and 6ft x 6ft have five backing rails in this range.

The individual pressure treated timbers in our ultra heavy duty close board fences are very strong, too. Each feather edge board is a 22mm thick wedge shape, and backing rails are 75mm x 32mm, factoring in that all panels in this range are pressure treated, the ultra heavy duty range truly are the strongest panels we've ever found. You can expect a minimum of 15 years lifespan.

Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Closeboard Fences

Our standard heavy duty closeboard / feather edge range are still a very strong and durable fence panel, perfect for a 6ft fence. Manufactured by us using the same traditional methods as our UHD panels, they're pressure treated, strong and durable and still have a beautiful uniform golden brown colour.

We use the same size timbers in these panels as we do in all of our closeboard panels, 22mm wedge shaped slats and 75mm x 32mm backing rails - they're all topped with weather capping, too.

Timbers in this range still have to pass a strict visual inspection before they go into production.

Budget Heavy Duty Feather Edge Fence Panels

Finally, that brings us to our budget heavy duty closeboard panel feather edge panel. We struggled to come us with a name for this range, because we wanted to both be honest about their quality without painting a bad picture.

Our budget range are again a strong and durable fence panel, they're pressure treated and manufactured using the same size timbers as our other closeboard panels.

The visual inspection on our budget panels isn't as strict, meaning you may find slight discolouration among the timbers.

Don't let this put you off, because the truth is that this range blends in with most closeboard panels you may find elsewhere. We've compared this range with some competitors and visually they're very similar - ours are just sold at a heavily discounted rate.

Waney Lap Fence Panels

Waney lap were once Britain favorite, they're a cheaper, dip-treated fence panel they are perfect for replacement panels, or if you have a tight budget.

Waney panels are thin horizontal slats nails to between three and five upright supports, and topped with weather capping.

Being dip-treated, they will not last as long as a pressure treated product and will require regular maintenance.

Picket Fence Panels

Our picket fences are manufactured in-house using some of the timbers we use in our closeboard fences.

Available in two sizes, 6ft x 3ft or 6ft x 4ft. Thirteen pointed top / round top picket fence pales are securely fixed to 75mm x 32mm backing rails.

We keep large stocks of pre-fabricated picket panels but also the timbers to make them, if you'd prefer to purchase the individual timbers and install your new picket fence in the same tradition method as feather edge fencing just give us a call, we're happy to help.

All of our picket panels are pressure treated.

Continental Fences

Continenta panels are a relatively new decorative fence panel that is growing in popularity. These panels are not made in-house, we work with a small selection of suppliers to bring this product to you.

Although pressure treated, there is a big difference in quality when compared to our closeboard ranges. The continental panels are stapled and screwed together rather than being traditionally nailed and in our experience don't tend to age as well.

Hit & Miss Fence Panels

Hit & Miss panels are available on request, manufactured in-house using heavy duty pressure treated timber. Please call us to order.

Which Fence Panel?

When selecting the perfect strong fences to transform your outdoor space, it ultimately boils down to personal preference and what you are expecting from it from a maintenance, longevity, aesthetically and structural point of view.

Each garden is different, but we're confident you'll find the perfect products to suit your yours.

Fence Panel Delivery

No need to worry about delivery, East Coast Fencing have a fleet of vehicles available to promptly deliver your fencing supplies. Stock items are normally delivered within 1-3 days from your order although we can often add orders to an existing route and receiving your order on the same/ next day is common.

Bespoke / Non-stock items may take a little longer, we don't stock all of the items available in our fence panel range, such as dome top or scallop top fence panels to suit. Delivery for non-stock items is normally within 2-5 days, after your order is place we'll be in touch to let you know when to expect your delivery.