4 Reasons Why Wooden Garden Fencing Is The Best

4 Reasons Why Wooden Garden Fencing Is The Best

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When thinking about replacing garden fencing there are four main things people consider.

  1. Security - Keeping the things you want, in & the things you want out, out.
  2. Privacy - Keeping prying eyes away from the possessions in your garden.
  3. Price - How much is all this going to cost?
  4. Looks - As noted above, you want your new fence to look nice after spending a reasonable amount of money.

So what has this got to do with why wooden fencing is the best?

Well, wooden fencing is great for all of the points stated above. We'll start from the top down and explain why:



The two most common types of timber fencing is panel fencing, and running closeboard. Both are able to achieve heights of over 7FT* and are structually extremely strong

*(planning may be required for taller fencing) 



Timber fencing comes in all different shapes and sizes, solid closeboard fence panels to open picket fencing. You decide the level of privacy you require.



The only other common alternatives on the market are steel fencing or a brick wall, both of with are likely to be twice the price of timber fencing.



A new timber fence completely transforms the look and feel of your garden, we install fencing in thousand of different gardens each year and almost always hear the exact same comments: "I can't believe the difference it has made" and "I makes my garden look bigger". After 20 years we've never fully understood the latter, enclosing your garden makes it look bigger, but we'll go with it.

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